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All our EASA exams recognized by UK CAA​

Exams Schedule - 2015


  • 30th & 31st  of March two days, Exams for all Modules.

30th March

M 1, 2B1, 2B2, 8, 7Essay B1, 6B2, 8, 9 Essay, 10 ESSAY

31st March

M 3, 4B1, 4B2, 5B1, 5B2, 6B1, 7Essay B2, 7B1, 7B2, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 17

  • All future Exams Day on April upward postponed until farther notice. 
Note: Afternoon session start at 15:00


  • All future Exams Day on April upward will be on hold until farther notice. 

Note: Morning session start at 08:00

New York

  • 25th of March One day Exams for all Modules.
  • All future Exams Day on April upward will be on hold until farther notice

 Note: Morning session start at 08:00

Please Email me for more information


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​Normal Registration Fee & Down Payment

Note: Down Payment is not refundable



​ ​ ​ ​Review & Exam Fee
​Remaining after clearing the exam / fail no extra charges​
​M1 special offer only on this March
40 KWD
30 KWD
70 KWD​​
​M2 special offer only on this March 40 KWD30 KWD​70 KWD
​M3 (2 Days)40 KWD100 KWD​140 KWD
​M440 KWD60 KWD​​​100 KWD
​​​​M9 (for both Essay & MCQ)40 KWD80 KWD​​​120 KWD
M9  (either Essay or MCQ)40 KWD70 KWD​110 KWD
M10  (for Both Essay or MCQ)40 KWD100 KWD​​​140 KWD
M10  (either Essay or MCQ)​​40 KWD​​90 KWD130 KWD



  • Exams time table will be sent to candidates later  by email.
  • Each Essay exam considered as different exam than the MCQ, for example M7 will be two exams MCQ and Essay if any participant wants to apply for both then he / she has to pay for each exam separately.


Eng. Adel Rashed Aradah

+965 97788809